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World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz 

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz. Here we will discuss all New LAVA Myz smartphones and their specifications. Whenever you take a mobile or there is a flame, we get the specification that there is so much RAM in it, so much megapixel camera, so much storage and that all done.

The choice of us humans keep changing, sometimes we don’t like this, sometimes we want to bring something new, someone needs a better selfie camera, someone’s focus is on storage, someone’s focus is on Ram. Or someone has a great camera. Sometimes we wish the customization was complete for us. Lava Announces Make in India Z-series Smartphone Including Customisable MyZ Smartphone Price, Features, Specifications

But here is what Lava has done with the amazing launch of Myz, the world’s first customizable smartphone concept. Its concept is not that you can make RAM, ROM, rear camera, and selfie camera also you can make your device according to its color customizing and its combination is so crazy that the total is 66 different options, meaning you should have 2 GB with 128 storage which you have no chance of getting anywhere. But here you can make Lava Myz smartphone

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz


If you want 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It will also be found if you like it in such a way that it is like a crazier combination. Here it becomes 66 combinations. In such away, you can order directly from the lava store. The device that you have will be delivered in 10 days. This is a wonderful thing. In fact, Speaking of some common things, there are some common parameters of these myz smart smartphones.

Here is Meditech, an helio g35 processor apart from this. Inches display. Together there is a huge 5000-MAH battery. Of course Usb’s Port Charging Lead, And the interesting thing, we did it this pre-purchase in the Myz. But you can also do this post, this is a note in real, its concept is its name Zup. Where you believe that you had taken a phone. When Ram and 4, now you think you did not have storage 126.

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz

Now either you will come to the headache that you will sell this phone and then a new phone means you will go to a mess, Instead, you make a direct online appointment then you just have to find a different amount here and you can upgrade your phone specification

If you want to change or upgrade the RAM or selfie camera or any specification, then you are straightforward on MYz.

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz

Like we told you, there are so many options in it, and tell you that you will find it all at myZ Lava Store. This whole concept of LAVA myZ. This is available from 11 January, you can order from today. And that is Zup service. It will be available from 26 January. So what are you waiting for so order your LAVA myZ smartphone Today and enjoy the new smartphone that is totally designed and customized by you!

World’s First Customizable Smartphone LAVA Myz

We got all this information from the famous technical blogger Technical Guruji on the YouTube channel. If you want to know more about Lava myZ, you can visit their YouTube channel! When it comes to questions about tech, count on Technical Guruji to speak your language! See something techy. Also, you can watch it here.

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